Ros Jackson
Hello. I am Ros Jackson, a writer, blogger and web developer, and this is my home on the internet.

The Secret Eater  

The Secret Eater

My novella The Secret Eater was published in July 2013. It's a young adult urban fantasy based on a young demoness who never lets common sense get in the way of a good scheme.

Diabolical Taste  

Diabolical Taste

The novel Diabolical Taste is the sequel to The Secret Eater. It was released in September 2014.

Recent writing

Book Review: War Cry

3 star rating   Harry Dresden leads a group of rookies on a top secret mission. A graphic novel in The Dresden Files series.

Book Review: The Knowledge

4 star rating   If humanity suffered an apocalypse, what would it take to rebuild civilisation from its ashes?

A Shout-Out For The Good Guys

When nastiness dominates online conversations about books it is time to appreciate the well-behaved authors.

Town Council Round-Up: Ambulances, Budget, And Christmas Lights

Councillors criticise the ambulance service, and decided how much they will spend on annual celebrations, and on themselves. The results may shock you. The previous sentence may be hyperbolic clickbait.

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