Ros Jackson
Hello. I am Ros Jackson, a writer, blogger and web developer, and this is my home on the internet.

The Secret Eater  

The Secret Eater

My novella The Secret Eater was published in July 2013. It's a young adult urban fantasy based on a young demoness who never lets common sense get in the way of a good scheme.

Diabolical Taste  

Diabolical Taste

The novel Diabolical Taste is the sequel to The Secret Eater. It was released in September 2014.

Recent writing

Book Review: War Cry

3 star rating   Harry Dresden leads a group of rookies on a top secret mission. A graphic novel in The Dresden Files series.

Book Review: The Knowledge

4 star rating   If humanity suffered an apocalypse, what would it take to rebuild civilisation from its ashes?

A Shout-Out For The Good Guys

When nastiness dominates online conversations about books it is time to appreciate the well-behaved authors.

Town Council Round-Up: Letters, Cattle Markets, And Special Measures

Whilst ELDC is threatened with special measures for its planning appeals results, the town council remains defiant.

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