Ros Jackson

Chorus of Worlds

Chorus of Worlds is the third book in the Kaddon Keys series, an epic fantasy trilogy full of dragons, magic, and intrigue.

It's the sequel to Symphony of War.

The blurb

The Kaddon Keys may have started a war, but at least they saved their country from annihilation by a race of monsters. Unfortunately, this led to the release of dragon gods who now roam the land. Previously imprisoned in crystal, these beasts are desperate to regain their full forms even if it means smashing human civilisation back to the primordial mud.

Nori's inner demon continues to torment her, but she knows she'll never be free of it without the help of those angry, preoccupied dragons.

Meanwhile, Aivee's secret heritage continues to cause her problems. She must choose between staying with her new-found family and learning to handle the plots against them, or returning to a land where her kind are widely distrusted and her identity can no longer be hidden. She'd rather be dancing. But she's one of the few people with the power to stand up to the dragons and rehabilitate her people, if she dares.

Gauce still considers his best points to be his sword and his attitude, but neither will do him much good any more. He has never trusted magic or gods and isn't about to start whilst the world is crumbling. But "I told you so" won't save the world or free his love from her curse. To prevail, he's going to have to make a sacrifice and do something that goes against his very nature: he's going to have to make friends.

Book details

Release date: tbc

Author: Ros Jackson

Cover artist: Janette Ramos

Chorus of Worlds

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