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Interviews And Guest Posts

Here are a few of the interviews and guest posts I've done on other websites.

Guest posts

The Great Library Hush Up. A post about what was happening in Lincolnshire as libraries faced unprecedented cuts.
10th November 2013

The Sense Of A Name. This post is part of the Names: A New Perspective series on Abhinav Jain's blog.
5th December 2013


An excerpt of Diabolical Taste on Speculative Fiction Showcase.
4th October 2014

Requesting an interview or guest post

I prefer to do these so they can be posted during a two month window around the time of a book release, in order to leave the rest of the time to focus on writing more fiction. However, I do make exceptions. If you'd like to feature me on your website, podcast, or other media, please get in touch.

Other websites

These are a few of the interesting places and people I've found on the web.


Adrian Faulkner - a fantasy author.

Anne Lyle - she writes historical fantasy based in Elizabethan times.

Chuck Wendig - who knew writing advice could be so funny?

Janice Hardy: The Other Side Of The Story - this blog has heaps and heaps of tips for writers.

Lou Morgan - a fantasy writer and pop culture magpie.


Angry Robot

Bards And Sages

Eibonvale Press




Other Great Stuff

Anna Genoese - editor. Highly recommended.

Humanity's Darker Side - A fascinating book blog from the point of view of someone with autism.

JC's Book Haven - Jaclyn Canada's book blog.

Tome Tender - A book review blog.

Graphicgene - The website of Rick Parsons, graphic designer and book cover artist.

The Art of Laura Hollingsworth - The cover artist for the Kenssie series.

The British Fantasy Society


Stop Funding Hate - A campaign to encourage brands to engage only in ethical and non-divisive advertising.

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