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These are the all books I've written or contributed to. In the case of series books, this is the best order to read them in.

The Kaddon Keys trilogy

Melody of Demons cover

  1. Melody of Demons

Two women with secret demonic sides fight to uncover the mystery of a spate of missing people in their city.

Symphony of War cover

  2. Symphony of War

A group of adventurers have awakened sleeping dragons in their bid to rescue their people, but the price they pay may be war.

Chorus of Worlds cover

  3. Chorus of Worlds, release date to be confirmed.

Kenssie series (YA)

The Secret Eater cover

  1. The Secret Eater

A clueless demoness of secrets takes on a fear demon in this novella of witches, magic, and dad dancing.

Diabolical Taste cover

2. Diabolical Taste

Kenssie and her master hide out in the countryside, where the demoness must fight for liberty, the lives of innocents, and every last scrap of dignity.

Books I've contributed to

The Indie Author Potluck Cookbook cover

The Indie Author Potluck Cookbook

Compiled by Julie Ann Dawson. Released May 15th 2015.

Short stories

A Scribbler Scorns His Station cover

A Scribbler Scorns His Station

Released October 15th 2021.

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